EQiGate has improved patient transfers. They assist with urgent transfers and their service is fast and reliable. The call centre is a pleasure to work with. The service provided decreases the amount of time spent arranging an ambulance, thus ensuring we have more time available for patients. I would highly recommend EQiGate.”
- Lize Beyl, emergency department unit manager: Zuid Afrikaans Hospital
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Take control of your EMS business

EQiGate’s Nerve Communication Centre streamlines all emergency processes. With the Nerve Communication Centre, we connect all relevant stakeholders to ensure that everyone participating in the value chain benefits and implements best practices.

The Nerve Communication Centre is a practical and flexible system that adds value to your organisation.

1. Generates an electronic PRF form with built-in rules of interaction.
2. PRF form is automatically sent to the patient’s medical aid containing all claim information.
3. Integrates with national credit and fraud services.
4. Facial recognition with ID number and photo is added to the PRF form.

Our innovative solution:
• save small EMS businesses over R20 000 per month in downgraded claims,
• allows organisations to reach more qualified clients.
• offers 24-hour EMS support to all clients,
• offer additional features including referral management and executive medical mission planning,
• provides a practical patient platform,
• eliminates +-R40mil. fraud in the healthcare industry, and
• change the EMS market standards by empowering service providers with managed solutions by integrating all role players.

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